Scaling Up with CHG Masterclass to Scaling Up with CHG CEO RoundTable

For those that haven’t heard, CHG Integrated Wealth recently joined forces with the world renowned business accelerator  Scaling Up and held 2-Day Intensive Masterclass at Twin Towns Services Club.

The masterclass focused on the levers to 2X cash flow, 3X profit and 10X your business valuation

At the conclusion of the 2 days the attendees had clear outcomes and actionable items including:

  • A one-page strategic business plan
  • Learnt how to attract, develop and keep a team of A-players
  • How to reduce the time it takes you to manage your team by 80% through meeting rhythms
  • How to improve their sales conversions and how to set pricing
  • How to increase your cash flow and how to use it tax effectively
  • How to implement business KPI’s
  • Understanding business valuation drivers and how you can increase your valuation
  • Turbocharge your personal wealth position

The Masterclass was so successful that every business who attended is joining together for a Scaling Up with CHG CEO RoundTable group.

What is Scaling Up with CHG CEO RoundTable? 

This program aims to provide a thorough understanding of the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up fundamentals to scale up an Australian company.  The program provides a foundation for understanding the habits and how they are implemented by companies in our region.  The program focuses on learning one Rockefeller Habit per month and discussing the practicalities of bringing the habit to life in each company’s unique environment and industry.  Participants learn about People, Strategy and Execution Habits during this program.

The focus is on actioning the habits so that you bring them to life in your organisation.

What are the Program Learning Outcomes 

  1. Learn and implement the Rockefeller Habits
  2. Apply the concepts, processes and tools from Scaling Up
  3. Apply the latest learnings from The US Scale Up Summits

Who is the CEO RoundTable Suited to? 

Founders / MDs / CEOs of privately held Australian companies with headcount over 5, plus revenue above $750k.

Entry into the program is by invitation only.  Participants are carefully selected from non-compete industries.

A pre-selection process is part of the on-boarding process.

Strict confidentiality, non-disclosure of all content and conversations is enforced.

Failure to comply with the program’s code of conduct will result in instant cancellation of participation in the program.

If you are interested in joining the awesome group below for the Scaling CEO Roundtable  please express your interest by email to:

Shaun Costello




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