CHG Wins of the Week (WOW)

Here at CHG Integrated Wealth we celebrate our wins each week with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour that gets passed around the office… here are a few snippets from the last month or so!


On the accounting side, we have lost a member for the month of March. Amy is off with the family for a well-earned break in Bali! It was great to see that the trip over there was completely drama free.

I can confirm now that all Hogans are safe and having an awesome time in Bali, even the unvaccinated hubby!




 Better me, better team

Tuesday marked the last of our sessions with our high performance coach Robbo (not to be confused with our self-titled low performance coach Paul Little) and we finished if off with a team activity (not actual footage).  This picture is to help you create a vision in your head of the three of us walking around Kirra Hill barefoot – eliminating distractions and building trust.

Post our 8 week immersion, the three of us have come out the other end clearer communicators, focused on what we value and what we are working towards what it’s all for, culminating in our personal bluprints that we look forward to sharing our learnings with you all soon as we develop a plan to entrench the concepts to ensure our team dynamics are second to none.

Integrated? Yes we are

Yesterday Shaun and I were invited to speak on our favourite CEO Sharon McClafferty’s panel on building a one stop shop.  It was a quick visit to the big smoke and whilst the crowd could have been larger, we met some aspirational business owners of whom there is plenty to learn from.


Go the Dolphins

The year has started well for the NRLs newest team the Redcliff dophins with Shaun and Ollie being there from the very first win smashing the Roosters (though not sure Shaun got the memo on the Red)

Starting off STRONG.

Jaimi did her first unassisted chin up this week. Hard work really pays off! Well done. Look at that happy face!


Happy 3 year work Anniversary to Lisa!! Feels like you’ve been here forever 😊


Saul treated us to a great firmwide integration discussion, including some fun facts about the Human body and breathwork.

Lochie put his hand up (Jaimi might have lifted it up) as volunteer and put in a solid effort – holding his breath for 1.5minutes. Not an easy feat with the whole office staring at you.



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