CHG Wins of the Week (WOW)

Here at CHG Integrated Wealth we celebrate our wins each week with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour that gets passed around the office… here are a few snippets from the last month or so!


Tupperware Hoarder 

Mel Costello has been leaving quite the collection of Tupperware in the kitchen! Honestly Mel, how do you expect Shaun to make lunches for everyone when all the Tupperware is in the office!


Shock for the Week

Lochie “Smells like home time” The Wonder Boy pictured here working until 5.15pm!


The Wealth A Team 

The Wealth teams 90-day action plan ‘’A-TEAM’’ Movie Premiere didn’t have the same budget as the Superbowl Halftime Show.

 But the office has had a makeover, thanks to our very own interior designer Kerri…


10 Years of Hayley at CHG 

 This week we celebrated our very own admin queen HAYLEY’s 10 year anniversary here at CHG!


we appreciate everything you do for us, go and enjoy that 90 minute massage you most certainly deserve

Saul’s Musical Family 

It’s clear where Saul gets his musical ability from – a long line of hard rockers. Pictured below, his lovely Grandmother enjoying some peaceful music from her Grandson.

For those unfamiliar – Saul’s cousin is the guitarist of The Amity Affliction


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