CHG Wins of the Week (WOW)

Here at CHG Integrated Wealth we celebrate our wins each week with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour that gets passed around the office… here are a few snippets from the last month or so!


Go Bec!

Bec is committed to walking 4km a day rain, hail or shine for her Mum in law who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is crushing it, already walking a total of 33 kilometres! Awesome work Bec. There is a link below to the donation page feel free to share with friends and family! (also don’t forget it’s tax deductible)


The Great Wall of Saul!

There has been some talk around the office on putting a mural on the wall downstairs and in the boardroom to jazz up the aesthetic of the place and all suggestions on what that mural should look like are welcomed, except for maybe Saul’s idea but I’ll let the rest of you decide:

Wonder Boy Updates!

Lochie has successfully completed another trimester of University! Only one left before he is finished. Wonder Boy also spent the weekend kicking it back in the Sunshine Coast celebrating his Mums 50th.

Saul’s uncontrollable hair stops photoshoot!

In never seen before images, the “at high-cost” CHG photoshoot was stopped in its tracks as Saul’s hair grew right before our eyes.

A quick trip to the barber was required but the result was outstanding (thanks Hales)!

(FYI Head was shaved like mine only minutes earlier…)



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