CHG Wins of the Week (WOW)

Here at CHG Integrated Wealth we celebrate our wins each week with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour that gets passed around the office… here are a few snippets from the last month or so!


Everyone was looking their best this week for their new staff photo. Lochie was caught a number of times spending too much time in the work bathroom for a quick hair check.

Shaun was a late entry with a win sending through his pic working hard playing golf with Wally “The King”Lewis. Good to see Shaun representing in the masters (over 50s) tournament.

This week Caity was given the important task of determining whether or not the office is haunted.

James was sitting in his office early in the morning when he heard mysterious classical music being played. Was it coming from inside the walls? Was it a ghost with its iPod turned up to loud?

Completely terrified, James’ called Caity into his office and asked her to investigate.

Caity pulled out her trusty EMF meter and scanned the building.

While nothing showed up on the scans, the search continues…

Please keep your ears out for music – very similar to the ANZ Hold Tone…

Stay vigil!


We celebrate CHG opening their doors 9 years ago!! Along with a couple of work anniversaries with Saul joining us 2 years ago and Hayley 9 years ago..

WOW indeed. What a whirlwind week in the office. The week started on a very moist note, with the coast copping a torrential dump of rain, leaving a number of employees stranded in their homes, some under the threat of wildlife…


Lucky Dan the country man is accustomed to dealing with these deadly creatures…

Calm on the job and can pull off a pair of short shorts.. Go Dan!!



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