CHG Business of the Month – Xenia Grill

Congratulations! Xenia Grill, our May 2021 Business of the Month..

Recently Shaun caught up with the director of Xenia Grill Dino, who had this to say about the business…

Shaun “Dino, tell us about your core business”

Xenia are Gold Coasts two leading Greek restaurants, one in Casuarina and the other in Coolangatta. We provide authentic Greek food, amazing cocktails and true Greek hospitality in a relaxed Greek island setting.

Shaun “How long has your business been operating for and how many staff in your team?

We have been operating for 5 years and we have somewhere between 35 and 50 staff depending on the season.

Shaun “Is there any exciting news you can share with us?”

It is exciting to know that we are a growing business with prospects to open more venues throughout the coming years. We have a large following of loyal customers who love us as much as we love them. We also have a large team of fantastic people, many who have been with us for many years. These are all confirming factors that what we do counts, that we are getting closer to the goals we set out when we began this journey 5 years ago. We are very excited about the years ahead of us, as are our staff. This is fantastic news when you’re running a small business.

Shaun “What were the biggest difficulties you faced during COVID?”

Uncertainty and negativity were the toughest parts of COVID. Not knowing what was happening, we grasped onto what the media was telling us. There was a great level of fear. It made it challenging to look past your own needs and help those around you. But looking back, it was actually sticking together and helping each other that got us through.

Shaun “What has been the biggest with through COVID?”

Coming out of COVID, the funny thing is, the best thing we received from the whole process, was gaining CERTAINTY. We know who we are, and we know who we aren’t, if that makes sense. We shed a lot of unnecessary ‘fat’, and we are much leaner more efficient operation. This allows us to deliver a more ‘accurate’ offer to our customers. We’re the ‘Greeks in town’, that’s who we are!

Shaun “Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about Xenia Grill?”

Greek Easter is upon us. Even if you’re not Greek (everyone is pretty much Greek), get some people together, smash some plates, cook something on the spit and shout OPA!


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