CHG Business of the Month – Price Fitness

Congratulations to CHG’s November Business of the Month.. Price Fitness

Recently CHG director Shaun Costello interviewed Mat Price from Price Fitness, who spoke about the business…

Shaun: What is your core business?

Here at Price Fitness we specialise in small group training, personal training and NDIS specific training.

Shaun: How long have you been operating and how many staff do you have?

We opened our doors 13 years ago and we have 4 awesome staff members

Shaun: What do you love most about being in business?

Growing up I was passionate about fitness and am so grateful that I was able to turn my hobby into a growing business.

Shaun: What is your biggest challenge in business at the moment?

Currently we are battling with the size of our venue. Due to covid we had to reduce the size of our facility to much smaller then we are used to.

Shaun: Do you have any exciting new for the business that you can share?

We have recently just opened gym access for all our clients to come and train whenever they like throughout the week rather than being restricted to classes / PT sessions.

Shaun: What has been the biggest win for the business Post-COVID?

Biggest win would have to be that we are still operational! We are so grateful that we can come to work everyday to do what we love!

Shaun: Who do you admire or look-up to in business or personally and why?

My family. Because they are my WHY. Our Price Fitness community for being so loyal. Simon Murphy from Toyota and Brett Whittington from Oceanside Plumbing. For always helping with business questions and taking time out always to talk.


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