CHG Business of the Month – BrandHotel

Congratulations to CHG’s March Business of the Month.. BrandHotel

Recently CHG Director Shaun Costello interviewed the Director of Brand Hotel Troy Archer, who spoke about the business…

Shaun: What is your core business?

BrandHotel is essentially a Marketing Department. Businesses like ours usually refer to themselves as an agency, but we’re slightly different. We become ingrained in the business, which an agency usually avoids, so we’re more like the business’ marketing department, than their agency. We focus on all aspects of Marketing Strategy and Delivery across anything that can help a business reach their customer, build trust and sell their products or services.

Shaun: How long have you been operating?

We’ve been in marketing for 3 decades, but we’re only just coming up to the start of Year 2 as BrandHotel.

Shaun: What do you love most about being in business?

Partnering with business owners who are trying to do better business, solve a problem, capitalise on an opportunity, feel more confident about their business, stuff like that, we’re made to feel really important to the client and that’s pretty special. When we get to experience the success the client feels because we played a role, it’s amazing!

Shaun: What is your biggest challenge in business at the moment?

As a new business, timing the investment in our own growth is challenging because we’re a fairly risk-averse family, which carries across into the way we run our business. We like the idea of building our team in time with our confirmed opportunities rather than increasing our overheads speculatively. So far, with Shaun’s help, we’ve done it well, but we need to ensure we don’t get ahead of ourselves.

Shaun: Do you have any exciting news for the business?

We just moved into a new physical space in Tugun, right next door to Made Barista Barber. That’s been super exciting because we like to work as face-to-face with our clients as possible. We also just hired a new Head of Marketing, Tina-Louise, who is a great person to spend countless hours with,  she also happens to have a really broad range of marketing leadership skills and a very strong lean towards digital.

Shaun: What has been the biggest win for the business Post-COVID?

Strengthening our relationships with businesses who have weathered the storm of disruption and are now in a position to reinvestment in the next phase of their growth. We have one client in particular who is very dominant in endurance sports events, and now that the world is opening back up they’re excited about the future, it’s great to be on the journey with them

Shaun: Who do you admire or look-up to in business or personally and why?

I admire anyone who is honest, I have no time for business owners or people in general who are dishonest, life is too short.


Shaun: Anything else you’d like to add?

We take our hats off to business owners who are juggling the challenges of operating a small to medium sized business and managing a family, let alone jugging their own work-life balance. It’s no joke.

If you would like to reach out for a discussion about your business, please contact either Troy at or Sarah at


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