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Congratulations to CHG April Business of the Month….Effective Workplace Solutions 


Shaun: What is your core business(s)?

Effective Workplace Solutions bring companies and their people together. We are specialist practitioners who provide practical advice, representation  and assistance in workplace relations, employment law and human resources related matters. In short, we help you manage your people in the workplace, with the aim of alleviating HR and employment law headaches and bringing our clients team together to achieve their business goals.

WE ONLY REPRESENT THE EMPLOYER and therefore have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of this area from the employer perspective.

Located on the beautiful Tweed Coast, we offer both remote and onsite employment law and human resources support services to our customers that optimise performance and mitigate risk for their workforce. We provide a specialised yet holistic approach to the employment law and human resources challenges faced by our clients, by delivering solutions that add true value to their business.

Effective Workplace Solutions combine expertise with personal service that is cost conscious and without the jargon.

Shaun: How long have you been operating and how many staff do you have?

Effective Workplace Solutions was established in November of 2013 and in our eight years of operation we have seen our team grow from two director/ consultants to a team of eight that encompasses onsite HR/ payroll teams in two locations, plus a marketing and business development coordinator.

Shaun: Do you have any exciting news for the business?

In late 2021 we were named as Regional Finalists in the Regional Business Awards in 3 categories. Those categories were Outstanding Business Leader (Karen Arnold), Excellence in Small Business and Employer of Choice. We were thrilled to achieve this level of recognition and have used this recognition as the basis for how we approach 2022.

We have also recently employed a trainee in the business, and we are about to employ another consultant to assist our growing client base and allow us to continue to achieve our goal of ensuring that Effective Workplace Solutions is the ‘go to’ business for  HR and employment risk mitigation needs.

And finally, in May, Karen will be joining two talented local business women to present Take The Lead, a one-day business event that is designed to educate small to medium businesses how to Take the Lead in their business around the areas of Finance, People and Strategy. This seminar is a result of each speakers’ journey in their own business and corporate success. The aim is to provide attendees with the tools and techniques to have a clear confident direction for their business in the areas of strategy, cashflow and human resources.

Shaun: What has been the most difficult part in managing the business through COVID?

For our business, which is a business to business model, the most challenging aspect of COVID was watching our client’s struggle to not only deal with the impact of COVID 19 on their business, but the subsequent impact it had on their staff.

In March 2020, when many of our clients had to close their businesses due to the COVID 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, we were inundated with calls for assistance in navigating the lockdowns and what it meant for their staff. In that moment, we made a decision to support our clients through that process without charging. We didn’t feel right billing a business that was not operational. Whilst it did mean that we didn’t have an income during that time, it was satisfying to know we had supported our clients through some of their most challenging days in business.

COVID also impacted our business, and this meant we too were faced with the difficult decision to  stand down some of our staff. In the months that followed, we made sure to keep in close contact with them, checking in on their welfare on a weekly basis, offering assistance and care packages, and making sure they still had their head above water. Our staff have shown an incredible resilience during the past 18 months with constant changes to their working environments. Our consultants have been able to work from home, but our onsite HR specialists have gone back into working environments that are suffering due to the downturn in hospitality trade and the unstable tourism environment caused by lockdowns and border closures. All of our team participate in a weekly Zoom meeting each Monday morning to connect with each other, share their tasks for the week, and have a place to discuss any professional or personal issues they might be having in a virtual roundtable environment so we can provide support and advice as a group. We have also enjoyed virtual team building events such as Guess Who games (trivia about their co-workers) and the like.

Shaun: What has been the biggest win for the business through COVID?

We would have to say, not only maintaining our existing client base, but growing it, despite the pandemic.

Operating in a business to business environment with so many businesses and potential clients operating at a reduced capacity or remotely (work from home) has illustrated to us the importance ensuring we have a diverse client base, and that we are able to deliver our services in a manner that meets each client’s unique needs. Once we realised that the ‘work from home’ model was going to be in place for the duration of the pandemic and potentially beyond, we moved quickly to set up our training in the online environment, allowing us to deliver those services to our clients and their teams regardless of their location.  We also engaged our Marketing Coordinator Allyson during the pandemic with the goal of driving our strategic marketing plan into new territory to drive growth.

This approach assisted us to secure another significant onsite contract with a client and allowed us to hire 3 new staff members, when many other businesses were shedding staff.

During COVID we have not only survived, but thrived.

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