CHG Monthly Performance Commentary

11 May

Market Commentary April was a muddle through month where most markets ended where they started, some having moved about a bit more than others. The Nasdaq, and by extension the US market, continued to be the lightning rod for risk, but ended the...[Read More]

What Freediving Can Teach Us About Investing – by Saul Muscardin

5 April

Over the Xmas / New Year break I spent some time pursuing one of my great passions (Freediving), and it got me thinking…does Freediving make you a better investor? In the sport of Free Diving, participants train their minds and bodies so that...[Read More]

Ignore Investment Forecasts – Everyone’s Crystal Ball is Broken

1 February

Every year around this time the world’s largest investment banks (experts, one might reasonably assume) compile their forecasts of where financial markets will end up at the end of the year. They scrutinise a mountain of economic data, analyse...[Read More]

How to Build Your A-Team of Financial Advice Professionals

30 September

Over the coming weeks in a 6 part mini-series, I’m going to show you how you can build your A-Team of Financial Advice Professionals. We’ll introduce all of the team members you’ll need for success, and take a deeper dive into what each of...[Read More]

Some Exciting News from Director Shaun Costello & the CHG Integrated Wealth Team

7 October

Dear Clients & Friends of CHG Integrated Wealth   As communicated last week, CHG Integrated Wealth had some ownership changes with James Harrison and I, the original founders of CHG Integrated Wealth, deciding to head our separate...[Read More]

EOFY Investment Distributions Explained by Saul Muscardin

11 June

Have you ever opened your broker app, or your portfolio tracker and seen a significant unexplainable drop in the value of your investment? Did you have one of these reactions….? Then did you go into a mad scramble googling the ticker code,...[Read More]

Self-Employed? Don’t Forget About Super! by Saul Muscardin

8 April

I had a chat with a mate of mine this morning – a 30 y/o self-employed   . He works hard, he pays his mortgage, he has some investments, but during the call, he mentioned that he hadn’t contributed to his super for 3 years (since becoming...[Read More]

Where are you getting your advice? by Saul Mascardin

26 February

Where you get your financial advice makes an enormous difference to your outcomes. But unfortunately, many people confuse trust for expertise and don’t get the results they had hoped for (or were promised).   Think about...[Read More]

Introducing “CHG-News” a New Way of Communicating with You

2 February

We are constantly looking for ways to add value to the relationship you have with our business, one of those ways is how we communicate with you.We are excited to introduce our new communication service to you that includes a news page on our web...[Read More]

Top 5 Reasons to Start Saving in 2021 by Saul Muscardin

2 February

Let’s face it, when it comes to wealth creation ‘saving’ is about the most boring method I can possibly think of, but trust me on this…. saving is the bedrock of wealth creation, and if you harness this simple little skill it has the power...[Read More]

Stop Saving for the Kids… It’s Costing You a Fortune.

20 September

Well, this is a little controversial... stop saving for the kids? 'What kind of sick child hating finance author is this bloke....' I hear you saying.     Or perhaps you're fondly reminiscing about your first 'Dollarmite'...[Read More]

HomeBuilder: What is it and how do you access it?

5 June

The Government has announced grants of $25,000 to encourage people to build a new home or substantially renovate their existing home. The HomeBuilder scheme targets the residential construction market by providing tax-free grants of $25,000 to...[Read More]

How Resisting A Marshmallow Can Make You Wealthy – Part I

17 May

  In 1972, a Stanford University psychology professor named Walter Mischel ran an incredible experiment. A child was given a small treat - in this case they could choose between a Marshmallow or a pretzel (whichever they preferred). They...[Read More]

Status Quo Bias – The Great Wealth Destroyer

28 April

Believe it or not, being a successful <insert just about anything here> requires a far lower amount of expertise and a far greater amount of behavioural and emotional management than most people recognise (or care to admit). We see time and...[Read More]

Coronavirus Action Plan

27 March

COVID-19 ACTION PLAN   With Coronavirus risk mitigation measures ramping up it’s getting pretty rough out there at the moment and my heart goes out to anyone who is doing it tough. I wanted to take a moment to offer some tips and...[Read More]