Business of the Month – CMT Equipment

Congratulations to CMT Equipment!

Our March Business of the Month is CMT Equipment..  Shaun, interviewed one of the directors from CMT Equipment, David Dick who had this to say about the business… 


Shaun: “Can you tell us what the core of your business is?”

We sell Construction Materials Testing Equipment to various laboratories around Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific. From certified test sieves to concrete compression machines & nuclear density/moisture gauges, we stock one of the widest ranges and variety of construction materials testing equipment on the market.




Shaun: “How long has your business been operating and how many staff are in your team?”

We are based in Industry Drive, Tweed Heads South and been operating for around 12 years now.  We have 8 staff, which includes Melsun the Super Sub (finances/bookkeeper, all-round admin and personal mindset coach!)


Shaun: “Is there any exciting news you can share with us?”

Yes, we’ve recently decided to open a branch in Sydney.  We feel there’s a hole in the market down there we can take advantage of.  We’re just going through the process of looking for possible staff and a new facility.


Shaun: “Have you faced any difficulties during COVID? And if so, what have they been?”

We’ve been very fortunate, being in the construction industry, whilst we did have a slow period and had to cut back and make some small sacrifices, it’s been nothing like other industries where people are having to lay off staff and really struggle through.  I guess the biggest issue we found during the height of the pandemic was the uncertainty.  Not knowing the who, what, where, when etc that we become all to familiar with on day to day basis.  I guess to some extent there’s still a little of that out there.  Fingers crossed the economy can keep pushing forward.


Shaun: “What has been the biggest win for your business during COVID?”

We actually gained an extra staff member throughout the whole ordeal and he’s been great for the business.


Shaun: “Anything else you would like to add?”

You wouldn’t believe but I recently ruptured my Achilles tendon playing high-level mixed netball, its a rough old sport!


Lastly, I will say, you guys (CHG) have been fantastic with information, updates and just general advice throughout the past 12 months.  I’d also like to say a big thanks for all the help we get, not just from Cos and Boods but the whole crew, Lanell, Hayley, Bec, Dan the Man and on occasion Eddie and Kayla!  Lastly as per CHG T&C’s, who do I send the invoice to for my time here?  I’m kidding.



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