ActivePlace – your active life in one place


ActivePlace is brand new, you probably haven’t heard of it, but we have a feeling you’ll be seeing it alot in 2021.

One of our valued and long-term clients, Troy Archer, discusses his new tech-based venture ActivePlace…

What is it?

In a nutshell, just like their tagline reads; “ActivePlace is your active life in one place”, but in technical terms, it’s the world’s first Health & Fitness Social Marketplace, which means people and businesses can bring everything they love and need in their active life into one place.


As it builds, you’ll find events, connect to friends and likeminded people, find products and services, publish your own content, own your own profile, and so much more.

They’re launching soon, so for businesses in the Health, Fitness and Active Culture industries, drop ActivePlace Co-Founder Troy Archer an email to find out what they’re up to here in Australia in 2021. Reach him here:


If you want to grow your active life, go check it out, set up a profile on the existing beta website and download the app when it hits the iOS and Android stores in the coming weeks!



Click here for an exclusive invite for CHG businesses clients in the Heath and Fitness space.


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